Learn with our Video guides

Here you can find a series of videos that will help you through the few steps needed to start understanding, improving and documenting the building's climate footprint.

    Platform overview

    Invite new members into your organisation

    Invite new members into your project

    Install the Speckle Revit Connector

    In this video we will take you through the simple process of downloading and installing the Speckle Revit Connector, so that you will be able to connect to the Real-Time LCA platform and send your 3D model seamlessly.

    Connect to the Speckle Server

    The Speckle Server is a central piece and in this video we’ll show you how to connect to the Speckle Server, making your BIM data accessible for the Real-Time LCA platform.

    Create a New Project

    We’ll take you safe and sound through the process of creating a new project. Our wizard will make it easy for everyone to through each step.

    Send Revit 3D Model to Real-Time LCA

    There are a lot of different options to choose from, when it comes to sending your 3D Revit Model to the Real-Time LCA platform. In this video we’ll showcase the different possibilities, so that you can choose the option that suits you best to send the material quantities.

    Material Database

    The Material Database is the heart of the platform and in this video we will explain what you can expect from it, what is contains and how to use it. Our Material Database is by far the most comprehensive of it’s kind and it therefore make it easy to find exactly the EPD what you’re looking for.


    This innovative and unique feature makes it simple and playfully easy to create, discover, compare, apply, and share design solutions with others.

    Material Mapping

    Just like in tango it takes two to calculate the emissions. You have the quantities from the 3D model and you have the EPD’s from the Material Database and in this video we will show you our innovative take on the mapping process.


    With automapping, we make it possible to configure your project based on previous mappings you have made in the platform. Automapping also fulfills the potential of up to 100% automated LCA.


    This video will walk you through the steps of connecting Real-Time LCA to Microsoft PowerBI using our REST API.