Overall roadmap
for 2024

We continuously release new functionality and improvements to continually strengthen your abilities to understand, minimize, and document the climate impact of construction projects.

We prioritize new features in close collaboration with our users and other stakeholders, which means that changes may occur to our current roadmap for the development of Real-Time LCA.

  • Compliance with all Nordic regulations

    Localization to nordic regulatory conditions in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  • Embedded communication

    Collaborate in "Real-Time" with one shared truth and context based communication with all project stakeholders.
  • LC Ada 1.0!

    The worlds most informative AI to help conduct LCA and minimize emissions.
  • LCA Forecasts!

    Simulation of impacts from your project based on short text, with sustainability data from millions of m2 and proactive climate positive recommendations for the best design, construction and climate choices.
  • Interactive 3D viewer

    Embedded advanced 3D viewer that allows for "on-model" mapping of environmental data and ability to interact with your design for analysis and insights.
  • Real-Time "Project EPD"

    Request a project-specific EPD from the manufacturer and enable a fully automated flow that delivers the validated project-specific EPD data - all within RTLCA
  • Price, Acoustics, Fire & Location data

    Expansion of the library with more relevant data points on materials – price, location, and acoustics, which strengthens the AI-driven recommendations.