Thursday, November 23, 2023 at 01:00 PM

Thank you for participating in another successful webinar. If you were unable to attend, you can watch a video of it here. Thank you for this time. πŸ’ͺ

We invite you to a hands-on webinar where we share innovative methods for working effectively and accurately with LCA within construction. We will benefit from the experiences of leading consultants who will share their insights on working with LCA, and how they use Real-Time LCA on a daily basis to understand, reduce, and document the climate impact of construction.

At this webinar, LCA specialists from Dorte Mandrup Architects and ABC Consulting Engineers will share their working methods within LCA, sustainable construction, and Real-Time LCA.

You will also be introduced to the latest advances within Real-Time LCA, including examples of fully automated LCA calculations and innovative features in 'constructions', which make it simple and fun to build, find, compare, and share construction solutions with others.

This webinar is aimed at builders, contractors, consultants, and anyone interested in understanding, reducing, and documenting the climate impact of construction.


Nabil Chaykh

CEO Gaiup

Nabil has worked in digitalization for 15 years at Capgemini and Microsoft and has previously served as the Development Director at a leading engineering firm. Additionally, he has been engaged in the construction industry for over a decade. Nabil has drawn on his extensive experience and knowledge to contribute to the digitalization of the construction and civil engineering sector with the goal of helping people construct sustainable buildings and 'lifting Gaia up = Gaiup πŸ˜‰'.

Martin Romby

CTO Gaiup

Martin has 14 years of valuable experience in the construction industry, where he has led the digital design of highly complex building projects. He has been a key player in the development of digital skills within consulting organizations. Martin has dedicated his career to sharing his expertise in various roles, including as an instructor and leader. Today, he serves as a co-founder and lead architect for Real-Time LCA, where he continues to lead and inspire innovation within the construction and civil engineering sector.

Jakob Andreas Veisig Baggesen Klinkwort

Construction Architect & LCA specialist

Jakob has led lifecycle assessments on a number of completed and ongoing projects and has conducted research in comparing LCA calculation processes and methods across countries. Jakob has a particular passion for sustainable materials and construction methods, which he actively applies in analysis and design processes. This enables consultants and builders to make well-informed and sustainable design choices. As a BIM expert, Jakob is passionate about leveraging data and creating intelligent 3D models in Revit.

Mads Ditlevsen

Sustainability Consultant

After more than a decade of experience as a professional elite athlete, Mads has chosen to focus his talents on making the construction industry more sustainable. In his role as a consultant, he brings his dedication to sustainability into advising on life cycle assessments (LCA), design, and material selection across all stakeholders. He is an evangelist for integrating sustainability early in projects as a critical element in optimizing environmental outcomes.

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This is your opportunity to stay at the forefront of sustainable construction and real-time LCA. Together, we can shape the future of environmentally conscious construction and make a positive impact on the planet.